Elections Results: Where Are They??

It’s currently 1:15pm. The first round of Student Union Elections officially ended over one hour ago, yet I still haven’t received any results.

I have been very disappointed with how the Union has made no effort at transparency in this election cycle. The votes are counted via computer software, so we should be able to receive immediate results after the polls close (if not in real time, like real U.S. elections!). Instead everyone but the candidates has to wait until one of the newspapers or one of the candidates publishes the results they receive privately via email. I hope that the elections commissioner will make a better effort in the second round, but I’m not feeling too optimistic.

I sent a message to elections@brandeis.edu expressing my concern. Hopefully they’ll respond and I can publish the results here. I shouldn’t even have to do that–the elections commissioner should send the results to students via the all-campus list serve at 12:01pm.






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  1. Sure, of course I believe in due process. But why not publish preliminary results with the disclaimer that they are just that–preliminary. It’s a moot point anyway because I’ve posted the detailed preliminary results here.

  2. The candidates have a 24 hour period during which they can contest results. It is due process, and is entrenched in American law and English common law. This is why the student body has yet to be informed. Frankly I’d rather guarantee fair procedure than find out results just a bit sooner.

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  4. Kaamila missed the mark by 8 votes!

    All candidates for Judiciary made it except for one. I think it was Zach Handler.

  5. Thanks Lev!

  6. Lev

    They aren’t allowed to use the all-campus list-serve for anything except the weekly announcements and announcing the start of elections.

    The email sent to me didn’t tell me I couldn’t release results, so here they are:

    Senator for the Class of 2009: Sung Lo Yoon has received a mandate and therefore will not be in the final round. The final round will be between Eric Alterman and Dani Baronofsky.

    Senator for the Class of 2010: No candidate received a mandate, and the final round ballot would look identical to the primary round ballot, and therefore Paul Balik and Rebecca Wilkof are the winners. There will be no final round.

    Senator for the Class of 2011: No candidate received a mandate. The final round ballot will include Lev Hirschhorn, Lexi Kriss, Naomi Cohn, and Alex Melman.

    The exact vote totals for Senator 2011 are:
    1 Lev Hirschhorn 139 41.25
    2 Lexi Kriss 99 29.38
    3 Naomi Cohn 95 28.19
    4 Alex Melman 93 27.60
    5 Joshua Mandell 86 25.52
    6 Stephanie Cohen 18 5.34
    7 ABSTAIN 13 3.86
    8 Noam Shuster 4 1.19
    9 Kaamila Mohamed 2 0.59

    I wasn’t emailed the Senator at Large results, but I’m told that Noam Shuster did meet the 10% threshold, but Kaamilla did not (sad, very sad).

  7. Jason Paul

    I know the write ins held them below threshold.