Preliminary Election Results

Thanks to a combination of Lev, facebook, and word of mouth, we have the results:

Remaining candidates – (winners in bold)

  • 2011: Alex Melman, Lev Hirschhorn, Lexi Kriss, Naomi Cohn
  • 2010: Paul Balik, Rebecca Wilkoff
  • 2009: Sung Lo Yoon, Eric Alterman, Dani Baronofsky.
  • Judiciary: Julia Sferlazzo, Jordan Rothman, Rachel Kagan, Judah Marans, Danielle Shmuelly, Zachary Handler
  • F-Board: Adonis Watkins
  • Senator for Racial Minorities: Kamarin Lee

and now, the race you’ve all been waiting for….

  • Senator at Large: Justin Sulsky, Andrew Brooks, and Noam Shuster.

Kaamila, I am told, didn’t make the cut by only 8 votes. Too bad.

Congrats to the winners, condolences to the losers.

A special congrats goes to Lev and Alex for making it to the next round for 2011, but also for Noam Shuster, who, though a write-in candidate, will be on the ballot of the final round of elections.