Turns out that Hannaford‘s is the 5th healthiest line of supermarkets in the country. Cool!

5. Hannaford

165-plus stores in the Northeast

This chain is relatively small, but Whole Foods should look out — Hannaford is the largest certified-organic supermarket in the region, and in the past two years it has boosted its produce selection to provide more than 50 local and organic products from 200 farms close by. “It’s an impressive amount of local produce, which is not that easy in temperate New England,” Geagan notes.

But Hannaford’s commitment to healthy foods doesn’t stop there. Its Guiding Stars nutrition-label program makes it a snap to pick out the healthiest fresh and packaged fare: You’ll find one, two, or three stars — with three stars indicating the highest nutritional value — on nearly every item in the store. That means you don’t have to pore over the labels to decide which loaf of bread to buy.