The age of networked protests

You know that Join the Impact event this Saturday? TechPresident asks, Once a Local Legal Battle, Is Prop 8 On Its Way to ‘Net-Fueled Cultural Moment? It’s fascinating to read how this event that Jourdan, a student here, is organizing fits into a larger story of online activism and organizing.

In the days after the vote, Seattle activist Amy Balliett put up a website calling for others to Join the Impact against Prop 8. She told that she was amazed to soon find it pulling in some 50,000 hits per hour, crashing its server. The Join the Impact mission is to make communion with Prop 8 supporters, “to encourage our community to engage our opposition in a conversation about full equality and to do this with respect, dignity, and an attitude of outreach and education.” Its success is reminiscent of Columbia’s anti-FARC movement launched on Facebook that spawned protests all over the world.