Fun with slogans

Campaign slogans are funny things. How important are they? Who knows?

For your reference, here are the slogans of the four Democrats (minus Gravel) left in the Campaign:

  • Hillary Clinton:       Turn up the Heat!
  • Barack Obama:        Fire it up, ready to go!
  • John Edwards:         Tomorrow Begins Today.
  • Dennis Kucinich:    Strength Through Peace.

Here’s an exclusive Innermost Parts campaign slogan mashup for the Democratic Presidential Nominating Race, 2008 edition.

“Fire Today, Turn up the Tomorrow! Peace.”

You saw it here, folks


3 thoughts on “Fun with slogans”

  1. And Hillary’s is RAELLY “Ready for change; ready to lead” btu she uses that dumb “Turn up the heat; turn American around!” one sometimes…

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