Holiday News in Congress; immigration

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Sorry it has been a while since we’ve posted- apparently the holidays were busy for us all.
On the national front, the year ended on a positive front for Democrats, and Obama is being heralded as the Comeback Kid. However, come 2011 Congress will see a change of faces, as Republicans gain control of the House.

One of the bills Republicans might bring up is already turning heads. As the Associated Press reports, there is talk of a bill which would take away the automatic citizenship granted to anyone born in the U.S., meaning that if a child’s parents are living here illegally then the child could be deported along with his/her parents.

This is a far cry from the DREAM Act, the bill that was considered but ultimately rejected just last week, which proposed that minors who arrived in the U.S. illegally but have lived in the country for a period of time would be able to work towards permanent residency status, and be entitled to certain rights and opportunities granted to U.S. citizens. The House passed the DREAM Act, but the Senate did not, failing to have enough votes to end the filibuster to vote on it (55 to 41).

(By the way, the DREAM Act’s website which I linked above is wonderful; it shows exactly what the campaign’s strategy has been, their progress, and even ways which people can help, such as a link to research a legislator and then report back what material you found which can help move the campaign forward. It’s even fun to click around on!)

It seems pretty ridiculous that after the House passed this bill, representatives would consider introducing a bill so extremely different in the next session of Congress. However, with Republicans taking control of the House and Obama still nowhere near the popularity he entered office with, many people fear that Democrats will not be able to get any of their bills passed, and that Congress will remain in deadlock on many issues.