Now we don’t have to ask OR tell anymore!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has officially been repealed.
It passed in the House with a vote of 250-175 on Dec. 16, and then in the Senate yesterday with a vote of 65-31.
Now it just requires Obama’s signature, and Organizing for America has already sent out an e-mail from the president saying that he is excited to sign it!
That means that from now on, sexual orientation will not be an issue for people joining the U.S. Army!
According to The Atom Stack Tribune, senators were so excited they were even tweeting about it.

“We did it! #DADT is a thing of the past,” Senator Harry Reid tweeted at performer Lady Gaga, and she tweeted back, “Can’t hold back the tears+pride. We did it!i Our voice was heard + today the Senate REPEALED DADT. A triumph for equality after 17 YEARS.”

I’m really excited for this to go into effect, and think this is a great step forward for the country. If you agree, sign this letter thanking the senators who passed the bill, a letter sent out by OFA.

Unfortunately, on a sad note, the DREAM Act, the bill giving illegal immigrant youth rights and opportunities, did NOT pass yesterday. So the battle still rages.






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  1. Esther

    I am overjoyed and very excited for the repeal of DADT! I know many at Brandeis have been working hard to get Sen. Brown to vote for the repeal!

    I want to congratulate members of TRISK and the Dems as well as many others! And a special thank you for everyone who made phone calls and wrote letters to Sen. Brown and their home senators to pass this memorable bill!