Hoot Jan 22nd

The US News and World Report, known for its college ranking system, has announced Usen Castle to be one of the eight coolest dorms in the US. The article refers to the structure, not the students within it; that is entirely your call.

 The W. M. Keck Foundation has recognized Brandeis as a national leader in the study of active matter, a substance that, despite being non-living, can move independently. The foundation has therefore awarded the University one million dollars to continue conducting research on active matter.

 The newly available presidential search website offering ongoing information on the University’s hunt for a new president confirmed that a search firm will be chosen by the end of February. Brandeis alum Meyer Koplow, the current Chair of the search committee and member of the Board of Trustees, informed the Hoot that a presidential search firm  will be necessary to take the initiative in the presidential search. 

 “A Heart Full of Grace”, the MLK event featuring poetry, music and performances recently held at Shapiro campus theater featured not only a reprisal of many of Dr. King’s speeches by various guest speakers, but a plea for social justice, namely engaging in projects aiding Haiti. Brandeis student Shaina Gilbert ’10, a Haitian-American was among the speakers to express the necessity of reaching out to Haiti in this time of need. There is no doubt that this event was enriched by the inclusion of the Haiti’s current needs, the meeting of which is entirely in the spirit of Dr. King’s focus on kindness, social outreach and justice. Brandeis students have been involved with projects concerning Haiti for years ; the recent engagement of further students in outreach, such as the ‘Hope for Haiti’ vigil, is merely an expansion of Haiti’s special place in the Brandeis social consciousness. 

 Citing a 25$ budget shortfall , Meyer Koplow ’72, a member of the Board of Trustees, has announced that cuts to academic programs at Brandeis must be made. Some of the projected losses include the removal of certain majors, PhD programs and Master’s programs. Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffee has apologized for the imminent cuts, explaining that ‘the Board gave [the administration] no choice.’ Koplow insists that Brandeis will retain the programs that ‘make [Brandeis] special,’ though he failed to elucidate further.

 Those following the charges made against Union Secretary Diana Aronin should set aside time this Sunday, as the UJ has announced that the trial will be made public . You can catch the circus at the Lemberg Academic Center starting at 4 p.m. 

 Lastly, if you haven’t had the H1N1 strain of flu this year or would rather not have it again, the Health Center is offering shots free of charge. Since shortages are still apt to occur, those particularly opposed to spending a week between the bed and bathroom should hurry to the Health Center as soon as possible.