The Justice Jan 26th

Board of Trustees member Meyer Koplow ’72, in conjunction with Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffe, announced that academic programs at Brandeis are to be potentially trimmed in order to save long term funds. To clarify, “To be concrete, what we’re talking about are academic programs that would be phased out, ” says Jaffe.

 The Aronin case carried on Jan 24th, during which justices of the Union Judiciary heard oral arguments presented for and against the removal of Aronin from office. 

 Housing options for students planning on studying abroad have expanded to include suites in the Village and Ziv Quad . Entire suites will be occupied by students planning to study abroad in the spring, opening up the previously filled suites to midyear or transfer students arriving at that time.

 In a town hall meeting held last Saturday, the Constitutional Review Committee heard a proposal concerning the allocation of Student Union Finance Board funds to chartered University clubs. Those posing the proposal suggested that clubs are not encouraged to fundraise and raise awareness due to the simplicity of being granted funds, and that the Finance board currently exerts excessive control over chartered clubs.

 Students applying for a Justice Brandeis Semester were recently informed that on-campus housing will not be provided for them during the duration of their semester program, but that they will be eligible following the completion of the program. For those wondering, a Justice Brandeis Semester is ‘”…an engaging, immersive academic program in which small groups of students explore a thematic topic through inquiry-based courses linked to real-world experiential opportunities.”

 The South Street crosswalk near the entrance of campus will now be periodically featuring Waltham police officers , who plan to educate Brandeis students in the usage of walk buttons and crosswalks, as well as to issue speeding cars in the area tickets. The measure is admittedly a reaction to safety hazards, and an attempt to enforce more lawful pedestrian and vehicular habits on the crosswalk. 

 A growing number of fundraising events aimed at benefitting Haiti are scheduled to be held, including the sale of Valentine’s Grams, the hosting of concerts, vigils and various spectator sports with prices attached.