Housing lottery got you down?

There’s a cool bit of Brandeis lore I want to share with you. Apologies if you already heard it before.

So, the housing lottery is kinda strange. It’s hard to know who has a good number, what sort of housing your number might net you, to look for others with good numbers you might want to be really nice to very quickly, etc.

Luckily, some students took some initiative a few years ago and set up The Brandeis University Unofficial Housing Registry. .

It’s really simple. You enter your name, number, year, and thoughts on housing. This information becomes public, and you can browse others’ numbers, etc.

It’s also kinda useful, and more useful the more people use it. So give it a try.


One thought on “Housing lottery got you down?”

  1. The Unofficial Housing Registry was founded by Danny Silverman ’05, who also made Boogle (Brandeis Google), which I think had died an untimely death before my 2006 graduation. Boogle used to let us all share files indiscriminately — it was a great resource for undiscovered music and TV shows. (A little more about it here: http://media.www.thejusticeonline.com/media/storage/paper573/news/2002/10/22/Features/Not-Napster.Not.Google.But.Boogle-303095.shtml). If I remember correctly, he also got the cool rings on the VoIP phones, but that could’ve been another COG member. So much of what makes our Brandeis network great was student-instantiated!!

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