I know we don’t like posting non-Brandeis related news on innermostparts usually, but I felt compelled to post this article.

The jist: At the end of this month, gay and lesbian couples in Iowa will be able to legally marry. A sure victory for the gay rights movement. Iowa joins the likes of Massachusetts and Connecticut in allowing same-sex marriage. Iowa is also an important victory as it is the first non-coastal state to legalize it. Iowa may be a blue state, but it is still middle-America.

Here at Brandeis we fought Proposition 8, and will fight next year to repeal it, in the name of civil rights for all. This is a victory for the movement, with work we can bring the entire nation to legalize same sex marriage by 2020.

One comment on “Iowa Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage!”

  1. Daniel Ortner Says:

    I think the most important thing about the Iowa decision is that it was A) Unanimous and B) Legally impeccable. This was a well written, well deliberated and very logical decision that followed precedent very well.