Iowa Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage!

I know we don’t like posting non-Brandeis related news on innermostparts usually, but I felt compelled to post this article.

The jist: At the end of this month, gay and lesbian couples in Iowa will be able to legally marry. A sure victory for the gay rights movement. Iowa joins the likes of Massachusetts and Connecticut in allowing same-sex marriage. Iowa is also an important victory as it is the first non-coastal state to legalize it. Iowa may be a blue state, but it is still middle-America.

Here at Brandeis we fought Proposition 8, and will fight next year to repeal it, in the name of civil rights for all. This is a victory for the movement, with work we can bring the entire nation to legalize same sex marriage by 2020.


One thought on “Iowa Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage!”

  1. I think the most important thing about the Iowa decision is that it was A) Unanimous and B) Legally impeccable. This was a well written, well deliberated and very logical decision that followed precedent very well.

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