Islam and Judaism Through the Arts!

Hillel and the MSA are working together to have a night of awesomeness and art. Come join everyone in the Ridgewood B Lounge Monday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 to marvel at the spoken word, music, photography and awesome food (kosher provided). Artists are exploring their identity and faiths through the arts and sharing it with their fellow Brandeisians. And did I mention the refreshments? For more information, feel free to contact Max Fischlowitz-Roberts ( or Wajida Syed ( It will be fun and informal, everyone show up.

And, on a side note, while it is admirable and necessary for a campus to point out and decry acts of intolerance within the campus, it is also admirable to recognize and appreciate the far more frequent, beautiful and collaborative efforts of students wishing to share and celebrate their similarities and differences. This is the Brandeis norm, not a Brandeis rarity. National newspapers, you should send a reporter to this, it will be awesome.


Author: Wajida

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