One reason I love Brandeis

Brandeis is full of wonderful people, and I don’t just mean students. Over the last few days I have paid a bit more attention to the Brandeis staff – they are so nice!

I was lost in Epstein, and two separate men cheerfully set me own my way. They joked around, and helped me find free toilet paper. They were exceedingly warm.

Later that day, I said good morning to two older gentlemen as I was getting a pancake for breakfast. They asked me how my day was, then started telling me how they were best buddies forever. We had a group hug and I just marveled at this sight of genuine male bonding.

Yesterday, I lost my phone in Usdan, and within 30 minutes I got an email telling me to show up and pick it up.

I understand that I am not conveying my point really well. I guess you had to be there to understand what I’m talking about. But I’m trying to say that the staff here at Brandeis – and I mean cafeteria workers, custodians, the behind-the-scenes people – are really sweet and really nice and it warms my heart.


2 thoughts on “One reason I love Brandeis”

  1. Also, Sherman workers and Aramark staff are amazing!
    They are the most solid and enthusiastic people I know. They know everyone’s name. They always look for ways to make the Brandeis experience better for students and they genuinely care about students. For example, I have shared lunch with some workers and looked at baby albums, and other times I have made them teary eyed by telling them that other students were engaged.


  2. Absolutely. I’ve been saying this for five semesters and I’m glad I’m not the only one who has experienced the joy that is day-to-day life. Whether it’s Misael cutting me some 2x4s in the carpentry shop or Dennis arranging for the tree trimmers to deliver some branches to borrowing anything from ladders to WD40 pliers to a wire-cutter, a paint can opener to washers, the Facilities folk are among the most genuine people on campus. What a treat to live next door to the garage.

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