Livebloggin’ the State of the Union

Assuming anyone cares, we’ll being running a live-blog of President Andy Hogan’s State of the Union address, starting 12 minutes ago.  There’s really impressive turnout, not so much among the students (maybe 30-40, depending on how many members of the a cappella group stay), but among the administrators/Trustees/assorted University higher-ups (probably 6-7, at least).  President Reinharz himself is here as well.

5:12 PM (Adam) — Right now Starving Artists is still performing –sounding great, as always.  I like the tradition of a little pre-speech entertainment.

5:17 PM (Adam) — Down to business.  Andy’s being introduced.

5:19 PM (Adam) — He’s opening with Constitutional Review issues, discussing how he thinks the new changes will help.  I think it’s a little too internal and government-y to lead off the speech.

5:21 PM (Adam) — Discussing the new Student Judiciary: We’ll “move away from the show trials we have now” to a more mediation-based approach.  It’s a very thinly veiled shot at the mockery that was the Aronin trial.  I’m glad he said it.

5:24 PM (Adam) — The new Union website sounds great, with a blog and a lot more instant feedback options.  Andy gives a shout out to the “incredibly talented Yale Spector” who designed it.  Good show, Yale.

5:28 PM (Adam) — The Clubs in Service program is still going strong.  Over 30 different clubs have brought their unique talents to service projects in the Waltham community.  If your club hasn’t participated yet, please strongly consider getting involved.

5:30 PM (Adam) — Andy just announced a new Monday and Thursday Waltham BranVan service from 5:45 to 9:45 PM.  The times were chosen based on a survey sent out to the entire community.  This is a really nice piece of small advocacy that will nevertheless be a convenience to the whole campus.  Good work, Andy.

5:33 PM (Adam) — The Union will be working with the administration to cut down on lights left on in buildings after hours, particularly the library.  This will be good for the environment and save Brandeis money, and it is a long overdue effort.

5:36 PM (Adam) — Andy: “There needs to be large scale changes to the dining program.”  He explicitly calls out Aramark on a wide range of dining-related issues and promises a thorough review of dining that is going on even as we speak, through a comprehensive Market Match program.

5:42 PM (Adam) — And that’s a wrap.  Less than a half hour long, which I appreciate.  It was a hard-hitting speech, Andy raised many good points, and he delivered it really well.  The only issue I’d raise is with the construction, but overall, it’s a very strong State of the Union.


4 thoughts on “Livebloggin’ the State of the Union”

  1. Dear Andy Hogan,
    Your constituent,
    seriously, i assumed after Grey's year we would no longer have a true advocate in power. Not simply a name to fill a slot, but a true freethinker. My premonitions were wrong, and I am so glad for it. Is it bad etiquette for him to run again?

  2. It’s not up yet, it should be in a few weeks. We’ve definitely heard that before, but it seems they’re serious this time (take that how you will).

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