Just when you thought they’d forgotten about the Rose debacle…

It’s only a small mention, but significant nonetheless. In an article about the NYC legislature’s attempt to curb the “deaccessioning” (rapid sale) of art collections, the New York Times mentions that the bill “was prompted by a number of recent high-profile moves, including … Brandeis University‚Äôs January announcement that it would close its Rose Art Museum in Waltham, Mass., and sell the collection because of its declining endowment, a plan that the university is now revisiting.”

What this should highlight, if anything, is both the unprecedented nature of the Rose closing, as well as the poor handling of public relations. Thus, for the foreseeable future, articles about art sales, university endowments, or the place of the arts in education will have an obligatory mention of Brandeis.


2 thoughts on “Just when you thought they’d forgotten about the Rose debacle…”

  1. Absolutely. Every college student I’ve met in Guatemala has asked about the Rose as soon as I told them I went to Brandeis.

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