Kickass DFA Brandeis video

The very first DFA meeting of the year is occurring this Tuesday at 9 pm, in Pearlman 201 202. For those of you who don’t know, DFA is the sweetest activist group on campus among many sweet activist groups (and yes, I may be slightly biased).

Our very own Sahar made a short, kickass intro video highlighting our work last year and showing new people what’s up.







6 responses to “Kickass DFA Brandeis video”

  1. Comradical

    Where’d you find the ancient Brandeis pictchas?

  2. neda

    That song makes it just feel good too.

  3. Carrie

    Yep… that video gave me chills.

    Very nice.

  4. Lev

    That video is terrific. It needs to be shown to everyone at Brandeis.

  5. phil

    Sweet!! Nice job guys!

    BTW, It’s room 202, not 201.