Let’s show Fred Lawrence that students want change

Info from our latest campaign:

Here’s the situation: Fred Lawrence is new, and he’s going to make changes. The thing is, students don’t have much input on those changes. If he’s not going to ask for what we want, we’ll have to tell him. If enough of us unite behind a shared platform, he’s going to take notice.

The Plan: We get as much of the student community as we can in one room. Together, we create a list of action items we want Pres. Fred to take. Then, we talk to our friends and get tons of signatures to back these proposals.

What do you think of that?

Meeting. Castle Commons. Saturday. 4-6pm.

Can you be there? This meeting is for everyone who wants to make the plan happen. We need about 20 committed students to pull this off.

Fred Lawrence is a great guy who clearly cares about students. I’m excited because I know he’ll take us seriously and show us the same respect we show him.

We hope to see you there!






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  1. Disgruntled Football Player

    Fucking squids

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