Liquid Latex shows our school spirit

Liquid Latex is happening this Thursday, 8pm, in Levin. It is really cool!

Brandeis students will be painted in latex paint, and then dance or parade on stage. The surface point is that the paint looks really cool. The real point that is matters is this: Liquid Latex is a demonstration for real Brandeis School Spirit.

Sometimes, especially in discussions in a union or administrative setting, people will say something to me like “we need sports because Brandeis needs school spirit”. Now, the problems with the idea of sports as a cure for all our ills aside, this statements really rubs me raw.

Brandeis has tons of school spirit! We love our school, and we affirm each other and valuethe community we’re creating – we just always show it by cheering on our (atmiddtedly impressive) basketball team.

Did you go to Musica Rox last weekend? There were hundreds of students, cheering on and affirming their friends on stage. Before each performance, a student would get up and introduce the next act, and then you’d hear things like “wooo kaamilah” and “we love you guys” as teh performers got ready.I felt like i was in high school again, where everyone knew everyone else and the bond of community was strong.

That’s school spirit!

Liquid Latex, the Vagina Monologues, MELA – these too are ways in which you can see a real face of our unique and strong Brandeis Spirit. It’s there – some people only think to look for it in the narrow confines of Gosman.


5 thoughts on “Liquid Latex shows our school spirit”

  1. “It’s there – some people only think to look for it in the narrow confines of Gosman.”

    poetry to my ears. cheers.

  2. I’ve actually really had my heart warmed by thinking about how I actually DO FEEL like I’m a part of a community – it’s awesome i love brandeis. ur right we’re totally encouraging and stuff we rock.

  3. Sahar, you are so dead on and I’ve been trying to express this sentiment forever. Thank you for calling attention to the fact that we are actually, quite active in supporting one another and creating spirit on our campus.

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