You know, I miss sophomore year. I miss Castle explorations, crazy mustache parties, hanging out in the Sky Dungeon and on the Roof. I miss bonfires in the woods and the lucky accident that gave me two beds in my dorm.

Dear Brandeis Diaspora, Juniors abroad across the world – I miss you!

I miss my freshman year. The excitement. I was in college, wow! I miss tea parties in my room, the people down the hall playing Rock Band, the fierce ambition I had when I joined clubs and created Innermost Parts. I miss the feeling that I had this whole vista of opportunity.

I am pretty sure I’ll miss my Junior year, too. And my senior year as well. In a year from now, will I have nostalgia for the mundanities of right now, nostalgia for furious typing on my netbook and an open window overlooking Ziv Quad?

Why not take that nostalgia I’ll have a year from now and shift it towards the present – a pre-nostalgia? Today, walking up the stairs to my dorm, I had this thought (not as fully formed, of course), and thought “will I miss these stairs? Better enjoy them now!

Ever since then, I’ve tried to look at life a different way. It’s hard to explain how. The made-up word “prenostalgia” comes closest. I know that I’ll be nostalgic for this moment in the future, so I appreciate it even more right now!

Perhaps this is the essence of how all life should be approached, or something unique to college, or maybe I’m just happy because it’s a beautiful day out. Still, I wanted to share.