LiveBlog: Senate 3/8 Meeting

Kay and Jourdan here. We’ve decided, due to the success of yesterday’s liveblogs, to experiment with an InnermostParts senate liveblog. As a disclaimer, we are not affiliated with any senators or union members. Feel free to comment. Jourdan will be snarky. Kay might be.


62 thoughts on “LiveBlog: Senate 3/8 Meeting”

  1. The union pays for these sweatshirts out of pocket, fyi… don’t worry, Brandeis, your money is not going to screenprinting.

  2. The senators are getting sweatshirts so they can stay warm during these meetings, I suppose. Supreetha is organizing them and they sound very stylish. I approve.

  3. GET TO THE DAMN POLLS AND VOTE (to quote Coiner; not that these elections are as epic as the last presidential one, but this one you don’t have to get up from your chair, that’s a plus) Polls are open til 11:59 tonight.

  4. Meet the Senators Monday March 23rd from 7-9pm. The senators are “serving” you…pastries that is.

  5. Brooks’ notetaker is Edward Tanenbaum, I believe… he is running for East Quad Senator.

  6. Lev has a list of people interested in the Rwanda Project… but he left it in his room. Good job, Lev.

  7. why not, let’s see…I spy Lev, Alex, Justin, Andrew Brooks, Phillips, Rebecca, Amanda, Supreetha, Akash, Terrence, Kamarin, Jonathon, Chenchao, Nathan, and Nathan…also I already mentioned justice Rachel is here.

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