Kay and Jourdan here. We’ve decided, due to the success of yesterday’s liveblogs, to experiment with an InnermostParts senate liveblog. As a disclaimer, we are not affiliated with any senators or union members. Feel free to comment. Jourdan will be snarky. Kay might be.

62 comments on “LiveBlog: Senate 3/8 Meeting”

  1. Jourdan Says:

    Senate Money Resolution gets passed.

  2. Kay Cook Says:

    why not, let’s see…I spy Lev, Alex, Justin, Andrew Brooks, Phillips, Rebecca, Amanda, Supreetha, Akash, Terrence, Kamarin, Jonathon, Chenchao, Nathan, and Nathan…also I already mentioned justice Rachel is here.

  3. Kay Cook Says:

    also Brooks’s silent note taker is here. idk his name, sorry!

  4. Jourdan Says:

    Lev has a list of people interested in the Rwanda Project… but he left it in his room. Good job, Lev.

  5. Jourdan Says:

    Brooks’ notetaker is Edward Tanenbaum, I believe… he is running for East Quad Senator.

  6. Kay Cook Says:

    Meet the Senators Monday March 23rd from 7-9pm. The senators are “serving” you…pastries that is.

  7. Kay Cook Says:

    GET TO THE DAMN POLLS AND VOTE (to quote Coiner; not that these elections are as epic as the last presidential one, but this one you don’t have to get up from your chair, that’s a plus) Polls are open til 11:59 tonight.

  8. Jourdan Says:

    The senators are getting sweatshirts so they can stay warm during these meetings, I suppose. Supreetha is organizing them and they sound very stylish. I approve.

  9. Kay Cook Says:

    idk nothing can beat the SSIS sexy hoodies. (just saying)

  10. Jourdan Says:

    Apparently the union is dumbfounded by zippers.

  11. Jourdan Says:

    The union pays for these sweatshirts out of pocket, fyi… don’t worry, Brandeis, your money is not going to screenprinting.

  12. Kay Cook Says:

    And we’re done. Bye yall.