LiveBlog: Senate 3/8 Meeting

Kay and Jourdan here. We’ve decided, due to the success of yesterday’s liveblogs, to experiment with an InnermostParts senate liveblog. As a disclaimer, we are not affiliated with any senators or union members. Feel free to comment. Jourdan will be snarky. Kay might be.






62 responses to “LiveBlog: Senate 3/8 Meeting”

  1. Jourdan

    Senate Money Resolution is introduced to get money for tuning up 2 new bikes for the DeisBikes program. Someone donated them, but they need work. Maybe the newly chartered Motorcycle Resource Club could take care of this?

  2. Kay Cook

    issue is tabled.

  3. Carrie

    Can you tell us who is in attendance?

  4. Carrie

    This is very cute, you two! Haha.

  5. Kay Cook

    We could be environmentally friendly and all learn to cross country ski, that way we don’t need snow plows. They plow my car in and then I pathetically try for 30 mins to free my little blue car from the elements.

  6. Kay Cook

    snow plows vs. compost bins….the snow plow won (awww)

  7. Jourdan

    Compost bins for Charles River and the Mods… smelly, but environmentally concious… the previous ones met an untimely end at the hand of snow plows

  8. Kay Cook

    there is no opposition. you got your wheels kids!

  9. Kay Cook

    Deis Bikes! I know a lot of people who seem excited about this project. There is a motion to vote.

  10. Kay Cook

    Now on to “unfinished business” that sounds a tad ominous.

  11. Kay Cook

    Maybe they should have a regular driver’s resource center. I know a lot of kids from “the city”, and the only thing most of them know how to drive is a mario kart.

  12. Jourdan

    Motorcycle Resource Club gets chartered recognized… the roads of Waltham are now slightly safer.

  13. Kay Cook

    oh i think this is the Motorcycle Resource Center that was MIA at the last senate meeting. Personally, I don’t like motorcycles, they’re loud, and I’m always worried I’m going to kill the driver when I switch lanes. Good think they honk at me before I do.

  14. Jourdan

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Licenses.

  15. Jourdan

    There is a french fry maneuver taking place

  16. Kay Cook

    decorum please! french fries briefly distract the senate.

  17. Kay Cook

    Global Business Brigades is now chartered. and the next batter up is….

  18. Kay Cook

    No objections, that’s a nice change from yesterday evening.

  19. Jourdan

    So from my understanding, these guys are kind of like

  20. Kay Cook

    apparently they microfinance for 3rd world countries (i think the politically correct term is “undeveloped world”) it’s a national organization, this would be one branch that would do local on-campus fundraising to get money to take an annual trip. I don’t know if they’re heard, but college kids are poor ๐Ÿ™

  21. Jourdan

    Global Business Brigades has the floor… I feel like these guys should have a theme song.

  22. Kay Cook

    Global Business Brigades! (idk what this is yet, but you learn s.thing new every day)

  23. Jourdan

    Andy says that the ongoing lack of reception in usdan is not his fault. we need a cable. we dont have said cable. maybe we will have it soon so that we can stop missing calls while eating?

  24. Jourdan

    We’re getting doorhangers with a handless Ollie… is this a threat from the Union?

  25. Kay Cook

    Andy’s working on the “Stall Street Journal” so yall can practice your reading skills while on the pot.

  26. Jourdan

    Jason wants to know what needs to change… brainstorm, people!

  27. Kay Cook

    Justice Rachel is now present. I wonder what the verdict from yesterday is? Curious, curious.

  28. Jourdan

    Lev mentions possibly hosting a town hall meeting to provide information on the Ayers event since we are all deeply uninformed.

  29. Kay Cook

    How do yall feel about Bill Ayers? Personally, I think he was one handsome fella in the 60s.

  30. Jourdan

    Uh Oh… Jason drops the “A” word… dun dun DUNNNNNNN *whisper*Bill Ayers*/whisper*

  31. Kay Cook

    Melman serranaded me once….sorry got distracted.

  32. Jourdan

    Jason likes the idea too… sort of.

  33. Kay Cook

    Jason asks that people wear clothes to the State of the Union. (No naked people painted green) There will be musical performances before the speech!

  34. Jourdan

    Alex wants to know if he can perform a song for Jason at the State of the Union… I think this would provide great publicity for the event… Do it, Alex!

  35. Jourdan

    Advisers may be able to speak on behalf of students in scenarios where the students speaking for themselves would be uncomfortable or dangerous (rape, assault, etc.) …this is actually a great thing, and might allow certain crimes to be taken care of more thoroughly. Very happy with the union on this one.

  36. Jourdan

    Tentative agreement on the Student Bill of Rights. Awesome. We will soon have privileges… a great step forward ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Jourdan

    Jason encourages us to speak up when we don’t like stuff… good to know.

  38. Jourdan

    The Business Major and Optional Justice Brandeis Semesters were passed at the last senate meeting. Jason gives props to the Senate resolution. Yay senate!

  39. Kay Cook

    Rappaporte Treasure Hall (hmmm do we think there will be leprechaun gold hidden beneath the tables)

  40. Jourdan

    go listen to Jason’s State of the Union and then get drunk. It’s St. Patrick’s day.

  41. Kay Cook

    State of the Union is March 17th at 6:30 pm. That is Jason’s State of the Union. Wear green or you might get pinched!

  42. Jourdan


  43. Kay Cook

    Aramark makes the vegan noodles? Woah, i did not know that.

  44. Jourdan

    1776: The Musical…Brandeis Edition

  45. Kay Cook

    Jason gives verbal props to Jenna while the Senate knocks. The knocking always reminds me of old men sitting with the old fashioned whigs in some ancient Philadelphia court-room. Sorry my imagination gets the best of me s.times.

  46. Jourdan

    Nathan demands SmartBalance, seeing as it is a Brandeisian invention. He is tired of being inconvenienced by having to go to Hannaford to obtain SmartBalance.

  47. Kay Cook

    Jason made a suggestion to put some tables outside, so we can eat al la fresco (sorry i speak french, idk if this is french) but it sounds good to me! then I won’t have to get my jeans muddy and wet from sitting on the lawn out front of usdan.

  48. Jourdan

    Lev wants kombucha in the c-store… he is very adamant about it.

  49. Kay Cook

    Hey yall, we’re being updated about dining services…in case you hadn’t noticed we now have a permanent “waffle bar”. The vegan noodles are back in the c-store and can be used on a meal.

  50. Jourdan

    all-day waffles and kosher-to-go by request… woot?