Liza Debates Michael Graham from WTKK

On Thursday, April 23rd, our very own Liza Behrendt debated talk show host Michael Graham on WTKK. She did a damn good job, I’d say.

Click here to listen.

Quite frankly, Graham’s focus on Officer Schroeder is entirely inappropriate on this topic. I can get into this later, but if he’s looking for an ideological fight on this issue, he can come find me.

Funny how Graham considers himself an aficionado on the Weather Underground enough to tell Liza that she made up her own facts. Well done, Michael Graham.

Finally, to answer Michael Graham’s question, no amount of bombs should revoke an individual’s freedom of speech.


10 thoughts on “Liza Debates Michael Graham from WTKK”

  1. It’s a sad statement on the critical thinking skills taught at Brandeis that anyone can confuse criminal violence with progressive activism.

  2. To: john
    We were going to bring Robert H. King to speak, but we were not able to due to a lack of funds. Maybe next time…

    In 1970, a jury convicted Robert Hillary King (formerly known as Robert King Wilkerson) of a crime he did not commit and sentenced him to 35 years in prison. He became a member of the Black Panther Party while in Angola State Penitentiary, successfully organizing prisoners to improve conditions. In return, prison authorities beat him, starved him, and gave him life without parole after framing him for a second crime. He was thrown into solitary confinement, where he remained in a six-by-nine foot cell for 29 years as one of “the Angola 3.” In 2001, the state grudgingly acknowledged his innocence and set him free.

  3. Not everyone deserves a platform. Our actions have consequences, at least they used to. People should never loose the right to say what they want, but it is entirely possible that they can loose the right to access certain venues because of what they have done.

  4. I’m sorry guys… but are you Nuts??? “…no amount of bombs should revoke an individual’s freedom of speech.”???

    This isn’t a freedom of speech issue. It’s a judgment issue.

    As a society and a university we can determine that people with abhorrent views that are antithetical to a democracy do not need to be invited and given a platform. Ayers is free to speak all he wants. The question is why in the world would Brandeis *invite* him to speak.
    Would you show the same passion to hearing:
    * Eric Rudolph who bombed an abortion clinic and the Altanta Olympics, killing 2 and injuring over 150 people

    * Edgar Ray Killen who killed 3 civil rights workers in the 60’s

    * Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran and dedicated to developing nuclear weapons to wipe out the state of Israel (and presumably) Brandeis University?

    and so forth.

    It’s judgment guys. Ayers is a coward who chose to kill innocent people because he disagreed with the actions of his government.

  5. Yeah, great job, way to talk up those “Activist” from the past! Sure, they bombed and killed people in terrorist acts but they look great on the Alumni Wall! lol! I am sure the school is very proud of it’s connection to the past “activism” of the Weather Underground! lol! Graham might be bombastic but you and the school are just naive and crazy.

  6. We had a conference call with Jim Dean. It was the first thing we mentioned, and he just didn’t respond. Period.

  7. Nice job Liza! You really kept your cool and were clearly well-informed. I loved the whoever-brings-up-Hitler-first-loses-the-argument comment. I was I was there to hear him speak!
    Have you guys heard from DFA National about their thoughts on the event?

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