Locked in Battle

We are locked in battle. Carnegie Mellon, Emory, NYU: all three have been crushed by the rapacious forces of Case Western.

Allied with a weak and feeble University of Rochester, we stand strong against the looming shadow of the insidiuos Case Westernites and the mysterious Chicago’ans.

Will you join us in the Go CrossCampus Tournament : UAA edition?

Original email:

Brandeis is currently battling in the UAA championship of GoCrossCampus,
an exhilarating online conquest game that is a cross between intramural
sports and strategy games (similar to Risk). But our team needs more
players!  Past championships in the Ivy League and ACC were covered by
the NY Times, and now hundreds of students, alumni, and faculty from
each of our rival schools are starting to battle it out online.

Join our growing force at <http://uaa.gocrosscampus.com>, and help us

march to glory against the UAA.  Be sure to use your school email or
you won’t be able to play.


3 thoughts on “Locked in Battle”

  1. GXC is back with a Brandis-only game. The teams are split up by quad: Castle/East, North, Massell, Grad, Mods/Off-campus, Village, Rosenthal, Ziv/Ridgewood and the map is a map of Brandeis. The game starts in less than 24 hours. If you were signed up before you should have gotten an email about this, but if not you can sign up with your brandeis email now anyway.

    http://tinyurl.com/gxc2009 to check it out and join your quad in the battle.

  2. Not that Case Western couldn’t very well be a juggernaut or anything, but I speak from personal experience when I say that crushing NYU at anything isn’t a huge accomplishment.

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