Toys for Tots

So, Toys for Tots. It’s happening again this year. What exactly does it entail?

Well, I got a nice email from Michael Newmark spelling it out.

Name: Toys for Tots
What: Buy toys with points in C-Pod and give them to charity.
When: Dec 1 – 18
Where: That table in Usdan.

P.S. – We’ve donated tons of toys through this in the past. Cool.

You can, of course, buy toys from “local retailers,” but who has time to leave campus during finals week?

M. Newmark’s pitch:

We invite students to take a nostalgic study break for some playtime – make a trip to the POD store and shop for the perfect item to donate to the drive!

The perfect item to donate, is of course, Apples to Apples.
It’s the second greatest game, surpassed only by Settlers of Catan. I dare you to disagree.