Half an hour before the primary election, and possibly swayed by my ringing endorsement, Mike Kerns has announced his endorsement of Adam Hughes for Student Union Vice President.

More info as this situation develops…

3 comments on “Mike Kerns endorses Adam for VP”

  1. RGK Says:

    How did Mike announce this endorsement? Was it just to Innermost Parts and Adam? This is purely to satisfy my own curiosity.

  2. Sahar Says:

    I got the information from Adam. Mike has endorsed him and encouraged Adam to publicize this story far and wide.

    I think that Mike will make a formal endorsement soon as well.

  3. Michael Kerns Says:

    Yep, I ran into Adam last night and let him know directly that I endorse him (I visited campus for about 24 hours this past weekend). Next time perhaps I’ll run into you!