On-Campus Feminist Internships Available

Here are some awesome opportunities.

Paid, On-Campus Internships- Available Projects:

“Women in Science: Celebrating the Centennial of Madame Curie”

‘Does Worshipping the Goddess Make You a Feminist?’ Studying Women, Paganism and Feminism

Exploring Audio Archives of the Womens’ Philharmonic

Justice and Gender Investigative Journalism

Women’s Work Activities After Retirement

“Don’t Roll Your Eyes: Making In-Law Relationships Work” Book Project

Feminism in Cyberspace

This paid internship opportunity is designed to give undergraduate students a unique and innovative learning experience by allowing them to work side by side with a Scholar or Faculty Member in an interdisciplinary environment. Find out how to satisfy your curiosity about a field, AND make your resume stand out from the pack with valuable experience now!

Questions? Contact Kristen Mullin, SSP Program Coordinator: mullin@brandeis.edu

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