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I get email:

The Peace Conflict and Coexistence Studies (PAX) program awards the Karpf and Hahn Peace Awards annually to Brandeis undergraduate or graduate students who wish to work toward coexistence and peaceful ways of addressing and resolving conflicts of many sorts.

Karpf awards are usually between $250-$700, but no single award can exceed $1,000. The Hahn awards vary in amount depending on the projects. Both awards may fund projects either partially or fully.

This year, the deadline for the completed application is October 24th. Please check out this link for more info and an application.

In general, there are three types of award recipients:

1. For artworks and essays on peace: Works of art related to peace include those that reveal costs of violence, commitment to non-violent struggle, and artistic expressions of any aspect of peace culture. These submissions might take the form of poetry (a substantial poem or group of poems); a play or skit or short story related to peace; slides of visual art; cassettes or CDs of music; or other forms of documentation appropriate to the work. This category covers only already completed works of art. Essays of 20-30 pages are included in this category of submission. Application must include a budget for anticipated expenses.

2. For travel grants and participation in a peace project or conference in this country or elsewhere: in addition to the narrative, submit brochures and other literature, reasons for your travel request, and an indication of how you intend to use what you learn at the conference or from the project. Submit a budget of travel and other costs anticipated.

3. For seed money for peace-related projects not involving travel: for designing and organizing a project such as a community mediation service at Brandeis or in a nearby community, or a peace education project in local public or religious schools, or a dialogue. These are only examples. Let your imagination take over.

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I didn’t know we did this. Cool!


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  1. This is how I could afford to go to India this summer!

    It really is a great opportunity, it just requires that you know what you’re doing asap!

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