Waterbottles and Newspapers: Reporting From the Senate

I just wanted to share with the communinty a few items of interest that were brought up in tonight’s senate meeting.

Firstly, a few weeks ago Nathan Robinson wrote angrily about the lack of free newspapers on campus. He said:

WTF? Where did the papers go? Why can’t I grab a Times in the morning? How are we supposed to keep ourselves informed on The Issues Of The Day? By reading The Hoot? Surely not! Perhaps Innermost Parts can equip us with our basic knowledge, but surely the New York Times is a good way to supplement the wisdom of Sahar and the gang.

I have good news for you Nathan! According to the Student Union Treasurer, Max Wallach, the Newspapers will be back tomorrow! If they aren’t, feel free to pepper Max with emails complaining about why they are not there.

Secondly, the results of the water bottle survey are out. 1284 students responded to the survey with the overwhelming majority, 80.3% voting in favor of reducing the sale and distribution of waterbottles on campus. More news to follow when a new waterbottle policy is crafted and released by the University.