Politics Now and Student Union Pres Debate

More important, social justice, democratic-y events.

Tonight, Politics Now in Golding 101 at 8 oclock. Come here presentations from a bunch of different clubs on campus about what they do to transcend the Brandeis bubble. For more info, look at it in the innermostparts activist calendar.

Later on in the evening, check out the Student Union Presidential Debate at 10:15 in Olin-Sang 101. “This debate amongst the candidates for Student Union President is a unique opportunity, as members of the Brandeis Community, to discern for ourselves what student we want representing us and taking Brandeis into the future. This was an idea we batted around only 9 days ago, and now the event is co-sponsored by B.A.D.A.S.S., WBRS, The Hoot, BTV, The Justice, and the Student Union.” -Justice League

Election begins tomorrow, expect more live updates and news.