Rick Perlstein! Here! Today!

Rick Perlstein! Here! Today!

But you already knew that. (Right?)

What you didn’t know: Charles Pierce from the Boston Globe will be interviewing Rick for the first part of the 8pm event.

There will be 2 events today in which you can come listen/speak with Rick:
Noon – 1:00 PM, Schwartz Hall 106. Come for a lecture!
8:00-10:00pm, International Lounge, Usdan. Come for an intimate Q&A

If you’ve read this far, I have good news for you. Rick has graciously expressed interest in meeting and hanging out with students today from lunchtime till before the panel.

If you want to jump on that opportunity give me a text at 585-313-6649 and I’ll let you know where he is/ you should be at any particular time.

Confused? Maybe this will help:
Rick Perlstein! Here! Today! This is a BFD