We have a Brandeis Sustainability Fund.

68.2% to 29.6%.

I didn’t think it would happen, but it did.

Big Kudos to SEA and the Justice League for putting in the hours of dormstorming to make this happening.

What is the Justice League, you ask? Stay tuned.

The full results (and the results of the Hillel Election): results here
Note: These are not the full and open elections results. They have been modified from their original form to exclude 0- and 1-vote candidates. This was done to appease the current Hillel Board, which doesn’t want “offensive” write-in reusults to become public. If you want the full results for curiousities sake you can email myself or Diana Aronin.
Usman is the rep to the UCC and Andrea Wexler is the new head of Hillel, btw.


14 thoughts on “Win”

  1. I still don’t understand how giving student money to a group containing some student and nonstudent voices is more democratic than letting F-board decide who get it. F-board, for all its flaws, is at least entirely composed of elected student representatives.

    Aren’t secured clubs which aren’t necessary to the basic running of a university anathema to the idea of a representative student union?

  2. Really, Alex N? How on earth is that statement necessary?

    If you’re interested in why Hillel was upset with Sahar’s posting the election results last night, you should ask someone involved in Hillel- perhaps the Elections Committee, whose job it was to organize Hillel elections according to the Hillel Constitution’s procedures? But referring to Hillel as “religious fundamentalists” and “pukes” is just rude and unnecessary.

  3. Speaking of religious fundamentalists, how about those pukes over at Hillel trying to hide the election results? Some of us worked very hard on those write-ins.

  4. Ah, yes, Mr. Waizer, everyone who opposes mandatory subsidization of your cause must be a right-wing religious fundamentalist.

  5. Fine by me, UMass Amherst doesn’t cost anywhere near 50,000 dollars a year for me. I have no problem paying that fee there.

  6. Just watch out. UMass Amherst passed a referendum for a non optional $5 green fee this March.

    Maybe try Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. That’s the only place I can’t imagine doing this any time soon.

  7. If paying money to Brandeis is a huge issue, then at the very least, you should move off campus. Sure, you’ll have to walk a bit, but isn’t that a small price to pay for the feeling of liberation that you so desperately seek? And make sure you walk or bike! Driving to campus defeats the initial purpose of greening the campus… and you’ll still have those silly parking fees.

    And seriously… transferring is no laughing matter. Sometimes, the gra$$ really is greener on the other $ide.

  8. HUZZZAH FOR FEES INDEED. I love giving Brandeis all this money that I don’t have. Here, have some more of this money, some of its from my parents who I will burden further and further. Some of its from loans that I will likely never pay back, there are no jobs and it looks like I’ll be stuck in school forever. But whatever just keep taking all this money from me, its fine.

    In all seriousness, I get that this isn’t that much, but its the principal of the thing. Other fees are still going up (parking fees are being doubled!), and tuition is still rising. What we have just done is voted for more money to be coerced from us. I accept the fact that a college education is expensive, I do not accept this constant kicking me while I’m down. This new board is so ambiguous, so pointless that it is an insult to FORCE me to pony up 15 more dollars each year. You can say whatever you want, I never will accept that this is justified.

    Scott, I’m with you, sign me up for UMass Amherst. Tuition is a fraction of what it is here and I probably have just as good a chance of finding a job there as I do here.

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