Thinking about Innermost Parts

Warning! Here lies blogging about blogging:

Everyone, I’ve reorganized the blogrolls (on the bottom – right of the page). I’ve added more links, taken some out. I spent some good time finding useful and interesting websites that I enjoy and you might find useful or thought-provoking. Check them out.

I hope you enjoyed our April Fools tomfoolery. I feel … disappointed. I had all these great thoughts for Innermost Parts on April fools, but 4/1 snuck up so sneakily I didn’t have time to put them all into action. Well, I guess we’re gonna declare a different day to be “April Fools, Part 2” by fiat, and put them in motion then.

Our categories for posts are a bit outdated and not helpful. I’m thinking of redoing them. I’m thinking… keep the Authors categories, have an “explaining what’s going on” category, keep the “news” and “events” ones. What sort of categories would you like to see added or removed?