Two things going on tomorrow

So tomorrow promises to be fun.

First off, from 12-4 there’s thing thing called “rock the vote” hosted by Brandeis votes. The description says:

Come get registered to vote and learn about prevalent issues in this upcoming election.

There will be 16 on-campus clubs stationed around the Great Lawn ready with information regarding how both the Democrats and Republicans view their club’s issue.

Enjoy music throughout the event and performances by on and off campus artists!

Eat a free lunch! (while supplies lasts)

Ride the mechanical bull!

Come learn what is happening politically and socially in the country. Become truly educated in what the next president supports and VOTE!

I mean, that’s kinda vague but it seems that there’ll be free food and music and so on as well as info about political issues and ways to register to vote there as well. Worth checking out, especially if you haven’t requested an absentee ballot or registered to vote yet.

Also, at the Rock the Vote thing the Student Union will announce the winner of their Brandeis Votes competition, in which every club had the opportunity to compete to register new voters. The clubs who registered the most new voters will received cash prizes. So that’s cool.

Secondly, tomorrow there will be the famed Brandeis Economic Forum which we previously covered but can be basically summed up as Smart People From Brandeis Talking about the Financial Meltdown.. 7 – 8:30pm . you really should go.

Bonus event: This hasn’t been officially announced yet, but Drinking Liberally will be taking a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts for their big college fest this Thursday so clear your schedules.