UJ kicks Diana Aronin from office

I didn’t think they would do it.

The Union Judiciary has just decided to side with the Union Senate in kicking out Union Secretary Diana Aronin from office. You can find our earlier coverage here.

You heard it here first. Here’s the court’s Ruling in re Aronin.

The gist of it is this: Diana really should’ve put the amendment up for a vote. Legally, she had to, and she can’t hide behind Andy Hogan or the fact that the person who gave her the petition graduated soon after.

Unanimous Decision.

Anyways, whatever. Will there be a special election?


8 thoughts on “UJ kicks Diana Aronin from office”

  1. According to the Union constitution (Art. IX Sec. 8) “All vacancies in Union Government office shall become official only when announced by the Secretary. In the event the vacancy is that of the Secretary, this responsibility shall shift to the President…An election must be held within fifteen academic days of the official announcement of the vacancy.” So I guess if the president doesn’t hold an election soon the senate can impeach him too; wow this thing is a circus.

  2. John, AMBer, I welcome your comments. I’d like to ask that you guys post under real email addresses instead of fake ones in the future, if you don’t mind.

  3. Apparently the senate isnt crazy. The UJ agreed with them unanimously. Diana tried to subvert the constitution and take the right to vote away from the student body. Then she refused to admit it was her mistake, instead throwing andy hogan under the bus by saying it was his fault. She should be ashamed of herself and apologize to the student body.

  4. This is a classic example of the Brandeis Student Union going overboard to make a meaningless (and counterproductive) point. Congratulations, “Justice” Marans, for enabling the Student Union to kick a perfectly capable and hard-working member of the volunteer student government out of office.

  5. This is a gaffe which makes the senate and the UJ appear neither civil nor sensible. Diana worked very hard and did a lot of work. More leeway should have been provided for her to fix the problem rather than just impeaching her.

  6. No Special election here, bro. Only the secretary knows how to hold elections and I believe she bounced.

    Sucks to be on union right now – but, then again, they deserve it.

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