What do you think of these ideas?

So, picking up from my previous post on the need for a new model for unifying the progressive community:

I’m a big fan of email lists. Used correctly, one email can replace 20 phone calls, or an email list can build a sense of community, or create space for a discussion that doesn’t already exist.

We need an email list for activist leaders.

It’ll be so easy to set up – and so useful! Asking for cosponsors could happen over email – instead of 5 different lunches. You can discuss possible approaches to emergencies on campus, or ask each other questions, or banter about a silly Justice article.

We need a way to keep in touch with alumni

There are super-cool Brandeis alumni scattered across the country doing good. We could facilitate a network of lefty alumni. We’ve brought alumni back to campus in the past, and that was great, let’s keep doing it. We were able to do that because David Cunningham knew them – but relying on one man’s connections is limiting.

So why not just make a spreadsheet with the names, contact info, and “what they’re up to” of lefty alumni? We can have different professors add their knowledge – and we keep updating it as years go by. Easy to set up, valuable. Great.

Often we think about high-cost, high-reward things we can do for campus (cough CCW cough). These are some very low cost, medium impact things we could do instead. Good idea?