Please to meet you…

My name is Leah Mack and I’m currently a freshman here at Brandeis. I will be writing for Innermost Parts in the future, and I thought I should let you know a little about me before I started.

I’m 17 and I watch you sleep. I like to listen to music and have the ability to drive a car. I’m currently taking UWS, intro to philosophy, soc: war and the possibilities of peace, and introduction to German. You may be thinking why are you going to write for Innermost Parts? I want to write because I want to make a positive impact. I want a place where I can share my opinions and receive comments back. A way for me to get different points of views on topics I’m interested in and form new opinions. I am passionate about Gay Rights and Environmental Issues.

The fact that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is still in play, is what is currently bothering me the most. If a person is willing to fight for our country then they should be allowed to, no matter their race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. It’s not like we have a surplus of people waiting in line to join the military, we’re not in a position to kick people out of the army simply because they are attracted to the same sex. I’m against the war but I support the troops. We are supposed to be united as a country, and our military is a big part of our country. Our military represents our country, and as of now our military discriminates. Every generation, the people find someone to discriminate against. Whether it be African Americans, Muslims, or women. There is always a finger being pointed at somebody.

When will we ever learn?