Why I support Sahar for President of the Student Union

I’ve made a decision this election to become informed. I want to vote for the candidate whose platform aligns with what I care about and whose vision is complementary to what I want for our university. So, I’ve read all the platforms and flyers and Facebook groups and made my decision. I’m voting for Sahar Massachi for Student Union President.

Reading through all of the other platforms, there was very little diversity–a lot of promises of greater transparency, reduction of overcrowding, increases in communication between the administration and students, and more of a focus on improving student life. Obviously these are things we all want for Brandeis, but if all the candidates promise these things, how will I choose between them? As I said before, I wanted to make my decision based on my connection to a candidates platform. Choosing between the other candidates seemed to mean choosing for the wrong reasons, and in that case I would rather just not vote at all.

Luckily, Sahar Massachi is running for President. He’s a different kind of candidate, and he has a different kind of platform. Sahar’s platform encompasses the things that all the other candidates are promising, as well as incentives that reflect a recognition of important student-run initiatives on campus. His motives are comprehensive; he’s going to pursue the goals of the Brandeis macrocosm, but he also wants to realize the vision of Brandeis imagined by all the little microcosms that make our school so diverse and exciting. He wants to bring more arts culture, improve ‘DeisBikes, empower those furthering our social justice mission, and reform Dining Services. Sahar wants to pursue the dreams the student body has for Brandeis–not only the popular ones, but the personal ones too. He’s going to effect change in an extremely positive, monumental way.

I know Sahar will be this type of president because he is already this type of person. I’ve gotten to know him both through my work on Innermost Parts and on his campaign, and overwhelmingly what I see is his passion for pursuing and realizing the goals of anyone willing to accept his help and support. To illustrate this I’m going to explain how Sahar and I met:

It was only my first week on campus, and I was feeling really lost. He introduced himself to me and handed me his business card, and when he walked away I figured we’d probably never talk again. Instead, he contacted me shortly after and started introducing me to people he knew with interests similar to mine. He made it his business to get me as involved as possible with the pieces of Brandeis that I admired and wanted to be a part of. I was just a brand-new first year and Sahar had no reason to help me, but he did anyway.

That’s the kind of president I know Sahar is going to be.

So I’m voting for Sahar and I encourage anyone to vote for him who wants to see real change at Brandeis. If you know the incredible potential that our university holds, then you need to know that he does too and that a vote for Sahar is a vote for this vision.

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