Student Reps to the CARS (Budget Cut) Sub-Committees

The following are the student representatives to the Budget Cut subcommittees; click to email each representative.

Central Academic Restructuring Steering Committee: Jason Gray ’10

Third Semester/Experiential Learning: Lydia Flier ’11, Lev Hirschhorn ’11

Degree Requirements and Advising: Matthew Shear ’11, Ron Kendler ’09, Ryan McElhaney ’10

Admissions and Recruiting: Mariel Gruszko ’10, Jamie Fleishman ’11, Justin Sulsky ’09

Business Major: Murat Kemahlioglu ’10, Matthew Wright ’09

Study Abroad: Alex Melman, Hanna Rosenthal-Fuller, Anum Irfan Khan


4 thoughts on “Student Reps to the CARS (Budget Cut) Sub-Committees”

  1. There was an application process — so perhaps that is indicative of the pool of people who applied.

  2. With my mighty impressive math skills, I have counted:

    14 students
    3 females
    0 first-years

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not a math major.

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