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  • Brandeis: Alcohol and Drugs?

    Today, President Lawrence sent out an e-mail to the Brandeis community about the “report from the ad hoc Committee on Alcohol and Drug Policy.” The Committee was “formed last fall to review the university’s policies regarding student use of alcohol and drugs and to offer broad-based recommendations to enhance the health and safety of our […]

  • University Committees and Clubs in Service Calling All Activists!

    Two leadership opportunities- if you want to change the system, sometimes the best way is THROUGH the system. Apply to be on a University Committee! These committees meet regularly with administrators to provide them with a student voice; it is an excellent opportunity to get involved as a student leader and to see positive change […]

  • Brandeisians Join Wall Street Occupation

    People are still occupying Wall Street. Brandeisians have been getting involved. And now there’s talk of a Boston occupation too!? Read Shea’s e-mail below to find out more about what’s going on, why, and how to get involved: Last weekend, 5 Brandeis students went down to NYC to join the Occupy Wall St. protestors. It […]

  • Election Results

    The following is a summary of results from last week’s election. Senator-at-Large Evyn Rabinowitz Class of 2015 Senators Sneha Walia Daniel Novak Class of 2012 Senator Melissa Donze Class of 2013 Senators Theodore Choi Sarah G. Kim Alumni Association Representative Jenny Lau Brandeis Sustainability Fund Representative Lisa Purdy Rohan Bhatia Castle Quad Senator Kelsey Dean […]

  • Rosh Hashanah

    In case you are wondering what this Rosh Hashanah holiday is, and why you have two days off, check out this email from the Interfaith Chaplaincy To: The Brandeis Community This Wednesday night, September 28, Jews around the world will begin a very special period called “the Days of Awe.” This ten day span begins […]

  • Urgent Action

    Hey! Here is an urgent action sent from Matt Gabrenya. Hey yall, Tomorrow (Monday) there will be a BIG tar sands action at Harvard U. David Axelrod, a top advisor to Obama, and chief strategist of his ’08 campaign will be speaking to a closed-room audience at Harvard. We’re going to be demonstrating our opposition […]

  • Robbery

    If you haven’t seen this e-mail from Ed Callahan, please take a look! With all the robberies taking place on campus and in Waltham, I strongly encourage everyone to use the buddy system while traveling at night. Always lock your room when you leave, and lock it before you go to bed at night. If […]

  • Think You Know About Pollution, Global Warming, and Energy Efficiency?

    Test Yourself! Awesome 8-question quiz from the Environmental Defense Fund. Take it and share your score. I only got a 3 🙁

  • On-Campus Feminist Internships Available

    Here are some awesome opportunities. Paid, On-Campus Internships- Available Projects: “Women in Science: Celebrating the Centennial of Madame Curie” ‘Does Worshipping the Goddess Make You a Feminist?’ Studying Women, Paganism and Feminism Exploring Audio Archives of the Womens’ Philharmonic Justice and Gender Investigative Journalism Women’s Work Activities After Retirement “Don’t Roll Your Eyes: Making In-Law […]


    I love Dean of Student Life, Rick Sawyer’s, latest e-mail. Here are the highlights: …the Swine Flu (we preferred H1N1 – sounds more academic) We developed a community/team effort and we think that we single-handedly defeated the spread of the H1N1 flu!!.. You often need to be your own lifeguard on this beach. Finally, on […]

  • Netflix: Leading Corporations in Sensitivity?

    This is the sweetest and perhaps most ridiculous e-mail I have ever received: Netflix apologizing for making changes to their business without fully explaining their reasons to their customers. I applaud their transparency, but can corporations really BE this sensitive? For real? The text of the e-mail appears below unchanged, except that I put my […]

  • Fall 2011 Election Results

    ELECTION RESULTS, via Secretary Kirkland. Senator-at-Large Evyn Rabinowitz Class of 2015 Senators Sneha Walia Daniel Novak Class of 2012 Senator Melissa Donze Class of 2013 Senators Theodore Choi Sarah G. Kim Alumni Association Representative Jenny Lau Brandeis Sustainability Fund Representative Lisa Purdy Rohan Bhatia Castle Quad Senator Kelsey Dean East Quad Senator Jeremy Goodman F-Board […]

  • Troy Davis

    The state of Georgia killed Troy Davis last night. I’m sure many of you are aware of this tragedy. I receive updates from after signing the petition to save his life. I know many I have talked with are upset, and I wanted to share the words from Patrick of I hope those […]

  • The Brandeis of Cairo

    So Egypt. You gotta give this to them – they know how to pull off revolutions. Egyptian students are demanding – and receiving – huge concessions from their administrations. Stuff that we wish we had here. At this point, you might say “ok, but they’re, like, you know. Egpytian. Foreign. Far off. Different context. Their […]

  • Changes in the Election Process

    Pros -Skip button Rationale: In the past if voters didn’t want to vote they would click abstain, and if abstain received the majority vote, the position would remain empty. Prediction: This will increase the percent of people elected to positions. That is, if voters even notice the Skip button. –Candidates Newsletter Rationale: Voters usually don’t […]

  • Vote Today: Midnight to midnight

    Even if you don’t care about the school, don’t know the candidates, don’t give a damn, if you want to have an effect on the system, go online and vote. Good Evening Brandeis, Polls are now open!!! Click here for the polls: Quick Instructions 1. Click on the above link and enter your Brandeis […]

  • Occupy Wall St: a Briefing

    Here is update from Shea! Occupy Wall St: a Briefing Our own Tahrir Square moment is happening right now in the newly renamed “Liberty Plaza” in the Financial district in NYC. 1. What is this movement? What is going on here? The protesters in Liberty Plaza are a heterogeneous, ambiguous group, as they were in […]

  • Spike in Crime in Waltham?

    Anyone know anything about the numerous break-ins into apartments of Brandeisians living off-campus this week? Edward M. Callahan, Director of Public Safety at Brandeis sent out the following e-mail. Please comment below with information, or send tips to In the last week, several students residing off campus have reported break-ins at their Waltham apartments. […]

  • Moving Planet Event this Saturday!

    Moving Planet: International Day of Climate Action Hey all, This Saturday, I am attending an event called Moving Planet hosted by (an international climate action website) along with thousands of others worldwide. What is Moving Planet, you ask? It is a day for communities across the globe to come together to show our leaders […]

  • Community Service- Volunteer at the Newton Teen Center

    The following is a description of volunteer opportunities at the Newton Teen Center which came to us via the Brandeis Dept. of Community Service listserv. The Newton Teen Center, a drop-in center for teens aged 13-18, needs several dedicated volunteers to support our programs. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable place for […]

  • Deis gets its social justice groove back

    Celebrate Brandeis + Social Justice x Bernstein Festival for the Creative Arts = IT HAS ARRIVED. Members of the Brandeis community have undoubtedly received the email from Herbie Rosen, current Student Union President, announcing Deis Impact. I know the name doesn’t explain anything, but I promise you that this is the most important, inclusive, progressive […]

  • Breaking News: Student Union Election Rules Change

    E-mail received from the Student Union Executive Director of Communications, Andrea Ortega. Analysis to follow in the days to come. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our voting process, the Brandeis Student Union is implementing a new “Skip” option within our balloting system. This option was added for students […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 7:28pm Saturday

    7:28pm We just ran into the “Rent is to Damn High!” guy at Zucotti Park. ?????? ? ???? Get A Quick Online Payday Loan Now payday loans online same day deposit online payday loans no credit check instant payday loans online hairy girl payday loan ????????? ?????? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 7:03pm Saturday

    7:03pm The second general assembly is starting. The one demand will be decided on soon. The street lights are on and the march around Wall Street has finally been completed. ???? ?????? ??? ?????? Easy And Fast Cash Advances instant payday loans online easy payday loans online small payday loans ?????????? ?????? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 5:04pm Saturday

    5:04pm Marching around Wall Street. “Human Needs-not Corporate Greed.” The NYPD just advised the media to leave lower Manhattan. ????? ???? ?????? Easy And Fast Cash Advances easy online payday loans payday loans online same day no credit check sameday payday loans online buy over the counter medicines hairy girls […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 4:06pm Saturday

    4:06pm the first years (including me) have been handing out food and set up a distribution center with minimum visibility. ???? ?? ????? ?????? online-payday-loans-in-america cash advance loan online payday loans online no credit check instant approval no faxing easy payday loans online ???? ?? ????? ?????????? ?????? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 3:31pm Saturday

    3:31pm The general assembly has begun at Zuccotti Park. The first years are helping with the food efforts. Shea and Scott are participating in a focus group. ????????? Short Term Loans in America cash advance loan online online payday loans for bad credit bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval ????? ??? ?????? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 2:51pm Saturday

    2:53pm The march to Zucotti Park has begun. ?????? ?????? get quick online payday loan now cash advance loan online payday loan guaranteed payday loans ????? ?? ????? ?????? ??????? ???? ?? ????? ?????????? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?????????????? ????? ???????? ?? […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 2:40pm Saturday

    2:40pm The cops have virtually surrounded the area around Bowling Green park. They are definitely just monitoring the system right now. The general assembly is going to start (supposedly) at 3 in Zuccotti Park a couple blocks away. ???? how to get fast payday loan online best payday loan cash advance loan […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 2:17pm Saturday

    2:17pm Scott just reported that the cops have completely barricaded off chase plaza. The roads are barricaded as well. The organization of the protest is definitely mediocre. Some radicals might make the one demand illogical and unrealistic, completely castrating the protest. ?????? ? ???? Online Cash Advance Loan online payday loans for […]

  • 1:59pm Rumors of police ketteling attempt pushes us out of the park and into the plaza in front of the smothsonian indian museum. While speeches were being made, the police tried to arrest a veteran waving a flag, a group chant deterred him. ??????? ???? ??? ???????? get a next business day […]

  • Occupy Wall Street- 1:39pm Saturday

    1:39pm occupied wall street meets for a pre rally. About 1.5 thousand people showed up. A lot of chants. “no justice, no peace, F*** corporate greed”. About to begin the General Assembly. ???? ?????? ??? ?????? online-payday-loans-in-america best online payday loans instant approval online payday loans direct lenders direct payday loans ???? […]

  • Live Blog from Wall Street- 11:39am Saturday

    We are all packed and are ready to leave Shea’s apartment to head down to Bowling Green Park for the pre-rally. Let’s Go! -Aaron ????? ???? ?????? emergency payday loans payday loans online same day no credit check online payday loans direct lenders payday loans near me no credit check ??????? ????? […]

  • Live Blog from Wallstreet- 9:45am Saturday

    This is Aaron live blogging from Shea’s apartment (about 10 minutes walking distance from wallstreet). I am helping Shea cover this event. Nick and Jake are two other first years with us. The dumpster dive adventure last night was super successful. We secured three large trash bags of bagels and one shopping cart of canned […]

  • Benjamin Beutel for VILLAGE QUAD SENATOR!

    INNERMOST PARTS IS ENDOORSING Benjamin Beutel – He is a double major with history and politics. He has served in student government in the past. He is a man so brave that two years ago, he was in a belly dance group. Benjamin wants to be YOUR VILLAGE QUAD SENATOR!!!! In the Village, Benjamin pledges […]

  • Live Blogging Ocuppy Wall St

    Scott and Shea from Fung Wah. We past the auburn Mall. Were going to eat in china town, then go dumpster diving at 830 all around NYC with tons of people we dont know to gather food for the occupiers. Adventure! We share this quote that we want to hold in non-violent spirit tomorrow: “Do […]

  • Ethics Center Paid Leadership Opportunity

    Paid Undergraduate Leadership Opportunity at Brandeis Deadline: Mon Sept 19 at noon Do You: Have creative ideas and strong opinions? Like to stir up conversation? Think Brandeis needs more informed discussion of major public issues? Are you: Interested in a paid opportunity to get involved? Interested in building engaged communities at Brandeis, around any of […]

  • Code Pink Protests Bush- Watch and Read

    This e-mail comes forwarded from the Justice League listserv, sent by a student who received it from sociology professor Gordie Fellman, who in turn received it from the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) at Prescott College. It tells us about the AMAZING story from activists associated with CodePINK of Greater Dallas. They demanded an […]

  • How Do I Know Obama Is Bisexual?

    …because he makes appeals to both sides. *Yuk yuk yuk, sexual orientation is a social construction* Watch his September 8th, 2011 speech on “The American Jobs Act” below and see what I mean- what can I say? Politicians going both ways turns me on. [youtube][/youtube] Highlights from speech: 8:15 “No more bridges to nowhere” Palin […]

  • Tell JC Penney and Forever 21: Stop insulting girls’ intelligence

    Good morning Brandeis! When I checked my email, I was bombarded by 5 or 6 very angry e-mails to “FIGHT JC PENNY”, “GIRL’S INTELLIGENCE”, and “FIGHT SEXISM”! Forever 21 and JC Penny began stocking teenage girl shirts with witty comments like “Allergic to Algebra”. Are they only a harmless joke? Or do they represent inherent […]